There has to be a better way...

So I got to that point in my music career where I realized that I was never going to make it (whatever that means), and I was really okay with it. I was proud of the things I had produced, but mostly I saw all of the missed opportunities, half-completed projects, and collaborations that were never seen through to fruition. Certainly, some of the blame had to fall on my shoulders for all of this, but I also thought there had to be a better way to produce and release music. 

Sunstruck Records is not going to change the recording industry The mechanisms that are in place have been in place for too long and we won't see it change in my lifetime. Most of the artists that have been successful were tricked out of much of what was owed to them in the process. Those artists are survivors. We all know that most of the money in music comes from live performances at this point- you HAVE to do that to be successful. That said, a lot of us still want to make great recordings. It's probably not going to make any of us rich, but if we do it right, we CAN make a living creating this stuff. 

We are here to help. We know how to navigate the entertainment industry, we know how to make sure that artists keep their piece of the pie, and we know how to make sure that good music isn't lost because the creators that made it just finally gave up on the whole damn system. If you are out there performing music, writing songs, and THAT thing is what you mean to do in life, Sunstruck Records may be the place for you.

You don't need Pro Tools, you don't need thousand-dollar microphones, you don't plugins that emulate vintage gear. That stuff is all fun, but only use it if it makes you feel good! All you need is somebody with a good ear, a quiet space to record, and somebody to put it all together. The magic is in the people that make the music, not the stuff they make it with.  

The Sunstruck Records name and aesthetic harkens back to a time that we idealize with images of big, beautiful, American-made cars, roadside motels and diners, drive-ins and good, honest people. This time, of course, never really existed. The Sunstruck name is a tip of the hat to both Sun Records, where rock and roll was born, and all of the people who have been burned by the music industry over the years. We endeavor to do business the way it should have been done back then.